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  • What to Know.

    Innovative Dance Company offers a wide variety of classes that include, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, ballet, and technique. We have opportunities to dance on a recreational level to learn routines and perform in our Showcase or the opportunity to dance on a competitve level with additional hours spent in the studio. We would love to have you join our dance family and create unforgettable memories and experiences!


    The Beginning.

    Innovative Dance Company is a 7 year studio started by director Mckena Thomas. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to have a place to teach, learn and most importantly dance. We are so excited to be able to have a studio with new ideas, experiences and chapters in our lives. We hope you are too! We are passionate about creating a positive dance environment for kids to feel loved, valued and pushed! We love our Innovative Family and watching it grow over the years has been incredible!

  • Classes.

    Schedule is subject to change based on future enrollment.

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    Recreational Classes

    We offer quality recreation dance classes.

    These classes will dance an hour a week to an hour and a half depending on age. They will learn 2 routines and perform one at our Winter Showcase in January, and both of them at our End of Year Showcase in May . They will be dancing with other dancers based on their age group. If you are not interested in competing or have not yet had dance experience and want to get a good base before going on to competing, this is a good place to start.

    When registering for studio make sure you click Rec Classes

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    Company Teams

    Starting from age 4 up to 18 years old, these dancers will commit to hard work and increased hours to compete in various competitions with the opportunities to grow and become an experienced dancer. We are looking for dancers who are ready to work hard and want to improve their dance ability. We hope you come and join our dance family!


    Upcoming Events 2023


    January 8th

    Winter Showcase


    Spring Showcase

    May TBD


    Company Tryouts



    Company Teams

    Pool Party




    June 12- 17th 2022


    Heritage Days Parade

    June 25th


    Summer Rec Classes

    June & July


    Princess Camp

    June & July



    Company Dance Begins



    Recreation Dance Begins














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    Littles Company

    Collins Wallace

    Ellie Southwick

    London McBride

    Madelyn Cushman

    Maggie Roberts

    Magnolia DuBois

    Myla McGary

    Reagan Wade

    Sawyer King

    Tenley Adams

    Weslee Kirkland



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    Evolve Company

    Ava Gardner

    Brooklyn Isbell

    Cece Gregerson

    Cecily Lefler

    Chloe Nelson

    Hadley Long

    Harper Lucovitz

    Lila Talbot

    Mya Sandall

    Natalie Harrah 






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    Dream Company

    Jovie Fuentes

    Makenna Harris

    Monroe Poorman

    Sailor Maxfield

    Sami Evans

    Stella Bennett

    Taylor Benton






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    Escape Company

    Avee Allen

    Demi Park

    Charlotte Magnusson

    Josie Swain

    Kassie Paget

    Lexie Techmeyer

    Lucille Bowers

    Mackenzie Christensen

    Quincee Blackburn

    Skylar Andreason

    Violet Workman


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    Elevate Company

    Claire Stone

    Elle Yates

    Emma Nillson

    Hazel Ross

    Ivory Meyerhoffer

    Ivy Musgrave

    Jolise Hooper

    Lila Hanson

    Ruby Hill

    Sammy Cook

    Sammy Kruitbosch



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    Create Company

    Alessandra Drake

    Anistion Godderidge

    Ella Fowers

    Emrey Harrison

    Everlee Tulane

    Hadley Larkin

    Kelsie Reynolds

    Kendal Dark

    Lily Page

    Piper Godderidge

    Maylie Thompson

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    Edge Company

    Drucy Buetler

    Dottie Olsen

    Elsie Green

    Harper King

    Hayley Harrison

    Mia Cushman

    Mia Wallace

    Morgan Madsen

    Oakley Ohlson

    Paisley McGary

    Scotlin Lemmon

    Treasure Wilcox



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    Allie Brimley

    Brinley Southwick

    Emma Tew

    Halle Harris

    Isabelle Killian

    Kay Berbert

    Kylie Weir

    Macy Low

    Preslee Barlow

    Skyler Mills

    TaTum Toner





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    Rise Company

    Abby May

    Avy Cowdin

    Brynlee Price

    Brynlie Thompson

    Charly Johnson

    Emery Spotz

    Jayden Steele

    Molly Hansen

    Seylah Ahles




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    Move Company

    Ally Mattson

    Anna Sampson

    Clara Kapp

    Kara Buttars

    Lucy Olsen

    Makinlee Tomlinson

    Olive Gramse

    Reggie Fuentes

    Rosie Hansen




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    Adyson Weber

    Anniston Olsen

    Becca Pitcher

    Braylee Christensen

    Gracie Rogers

    Hailey Clark

    Sofi Miles

    Sophie Harris

    Teagan Breckenridge




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    Empower Company

    Breanna Villatoro

    Ella Dawson

    Elina Nance

    Ellie Atkinson

    Emma Alvord

    Emma Horne

    Hadley Christensen

    Kate Russell

    Quinn Cook

    Reese Tomney

    Tylee Rountree



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    Captivate Company

    Allyse Hilton

    Brexlyn Joos

    Brielle Poulson

    Charlotte Ferguson

    Eliza Crane

    Lydia Healey

    Lucy Markowski

    Marlee Bennett

    Mazie Watt

    Mylie Brimhall

    Sadie Gramse







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    Energy Company

    Brooklyn Techmeyer

    Cassie Techmeyer

    Charlotte Sayes

    Kiara Larsen

    Maddie Techmeyer

    Mazie Brimhall

    Natalie Tew

    Oakley Pederson






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    Ignite Company

    Aceley Loney

    Aspen Potoker

    Averie Olsen

    Emily Bramwell

    Kylee Felter

    Lilly May

    Lucy Call

    Maiki Williams

    Makenzie Call

    Paige Christensen






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    IDC Staff